Crying Fowl

Pointing the finger at the victim of a crime is nothing new, but when the people doing the blaming are the very people responsible for the victim’s safety and well-being, you’ve reached a new low. This was the case at Kern Valley High School in an incident involving a student, a chicken suit and a pep rally that went terribly wrong.  Yes, you read right, a chicken suit. Read on, cluck and duck.

During a football pep rally, Kern Valley High student Mitch Carter was asked by the school to wear the costume of the mascot of the school’s rival during a skit. Once the skit started students jumped on Mitch in his chicken suit, hitting him and knocking him over. Mitch frantically tried to stop the performance and told a school administrator enough was enough. The administrator’s answer to the scared student in the chicken suit? A scolding and warning that if he didn’t keep going he’d have to pay the $75 it cost to rent the chicken suit. Mitch did what he was told and shortly after continuing the skit before the excited mob, at least a dozen students rushed the gym floor, jumped on Mitch, punching, kicking, and leaping onto a dog pile that left him seriously injured with a traumatic brain injury.

There may be a chicken suit involved, but it’s not funny, it’s disgusting that during trial the school district tried to blame the incident on the victim instead of Kern Valley High immediately owning up to its mistake. They went so far as to accuse Mitch of falsifying his brain injuries (verified by 103K in medical bills) for his own financial gain.

After only an hour of deliberation, a civil jury unanimously decided that the Kern High School District acted negligently by allowing the students to violently pile on top of their classmate.
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