Adding Insult to Injury

GEICO might get you on the hook for 15 minutes or less, but they also may jerk you around in court for 3 years or more after you get in an accident.

This was the case with a 27-year-old Los Angeles resident who was in a head-on collision so severe that the other driver died.

The GEICO insurance customer thought he was protecting himself by purchasing $100k in underinsured/uninsured coverage. However, after the serious accident, when he requested that GEICO pay him the $100k for the coverage he paid the premium for, GEICO refused.

Although the permanently injured man provided GEICO with all the requested information, GEICO still refused to give him the benefits he paid for. After a great deal of stress and intentional delays on GEICO’S behalf, the injured man had no choice but to spend thousands of dollars in costs in order to bring the case to an arbitration.

During the arbitration, GEICO employees admitted that they treated negotiating with the 27-year-old injured party, their insured paying customer, as a game. GEICO made only extremely low-ball offers, and when their insured refused to take anything less than what he was owed, GEICO stopped all negotiations because they claimed they did not want to negotiate against themselves.

Who knew when you bought insurance to protect yourself that your own insurance company would do everything they could to screw you. Luckily the justice system ruled against GEICO and ordered them to pay for the damages caused to their own insured.

Maybe GEICO wishes they spent more than 15 minutes negotiating with their insured, and actually paid him what he was owed.

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