Pain In The Ass

When Van Nuys resident Yvette Castello made what she thought was a routine trip to Costco, she ended up leaving with a lifetime of pain and suffering rather than a lifetime supply of dish soap.

While walking into the store’s main entrance, Yvette was forced to traverse a slippery mixture of cleaning detergent and water created by a Costco subcontractor who was performing a messy porta potty cleaning job immediately next to the entryway. The slick trails and pools of liquid and soap caused Yvette’s feet to slip out from beneath her sending her feet in the air as she came crashing down onto her back. The painful fall caused serious injuries to her lower back that would cause her pain and discomfort for years to come. Had Costco and So Cal Sanitation adhered to proper safety standards, they could have prevented Yvette years of pain, discomfort and an expensive and debilitating back surgery.

Yvette took Costco and the subcontractor to court, maintaining that Costco and So Cal Sanitation failed to warn pedestrians about the hazardous condition outside of the store that caused her injuries. After 4.5 hours of deliberation, a civil justice jury ruled in favor of Yvette finding Costco & So Cal Sanitation negligent for failing to warn their customers about the unsafe conditions.

If only there were a store where someone could find signs in bulk.

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