School District’s Deadly Decision

Why did the student cross the 5 lane highway? Because the School District put an illegal bus stop there. Unfortunately for the 15 year old boy on his way to school, he didn’t make it to the other side.

It’s true, Chaffey Joint Union High School District created an illegal bus stop without seeking the approval from the district superintendent forcing students to put their lives in harms way on their way to school each day.

During the case against the district, County Superior Court Judge Brian S. McCarville also found that the district had been on actual notice of the dangerous condition for many months and failed to protect against it, even though it would not have cost any money. To make matters worse, the judge also discovered that the school district hid and destroyed evidence in the hopes of avoiding responsibility and liability in the case.

After four and half hours of deliberation, a civil justice jury found the school district 100% liable ruling in favor of the mother of the 15 year old victim. Maybe the folks at the school district will look both ways before trying to cross that road again.

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