Up In Smoke

On what seemed like a routine drive at the time, Jennifer Ries and her husband were heading to the airport when a faulty e-cigarette battery exploded sending flaming chemicals into Jennifer’s passenger seat and lap.

Hoping to recharge the battery so that she could light up later, the faulty battery overheated and detonated shortly after being plugged in to the car’s charger. After catching on fire with nowhere to go, Jennifer attempted to jump out of the still moving car. Due to the quick thinking of her husband and his ice-cold latte that he used to extinguish the fire; she lived to tell about it.

A civil justice jury found the electronic cigarette’s distributor, VapCigs, liable for distribution of a product that failed to conform to reasonable safety standards.

We’re not sure about you, but the fact that faulty products like this are being sold for profit really burns us up.

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